How to check HANA user's last login time and invalid connect attempts made?

You want to know when an user last logged in to HANA system , or want to check any unsuccessful connection attempts made with particular user, especially in case of communication user.

We will make use of system view INVALID_CONNECT_ATTEMPTS to get required information.

Requirement : You want to know last login date and invalid connect attempts of HANA user.

Prerequisite : You need CATALOG READ or DATA admin role  or SELECT access on SYS schema.

Steps :
  • Connect to HANA system and open SQL console in HANA studio or via hdbsql at OS level.
  • Execute following SQL


HANA User Last login date and invalid connect attempts

View's column description.
Column name
Name of the user
Time of the valid connect attempt
Number of invalid connect attempts for this user between last successful connect and given time

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