How to check HANA parameter change history?
You want to check HANA parameter history and want to know who changed the parameter and when a HANA parameter was changed. 

What What is SAP S/4 HANA?
In Feb 2015, SAP introduced S/4 HANA. SAP S/4 HANA is short for SAP Business Suite 4 SAP HANA. SAP marketing it as their biggest innovation since R/3. 

What is the scale-up Or scale-out HANA configuration?
As the amount of data in a database system grows, the system’s hardware needs to be upgraded to accommodate the added data volume/workload.

Data Provisioning For SAP HANA - Introduction and Configuration
Data provisioning is the process of loading data into SAP HANA. Depending on the requirement scenario, the loading can be done once or on regular basis(real time or scheduled).

SAP HANA Data Provisioning using SLT Server
Data provisioning from source ABAP ECC system to SAP HANA system using SAP Solution Manager.

How to reset the HANA SYSTEM User password?
You want to reset SYSTEM user password and have no other user with system privilege USER ADMIN role assigned.

How to use SAP HANA HDBSQL to execute SQL commands at OS level?
HDBSQL is a command line tool for executing commands on SAP HANA databases. SAP HANA HDBSQL is also used to automate the HANA Database backups using cron scripts. 
All users are subjected to same password policy.Here we will learn how to exempt technical users from forced password change.

How to list and export all HANA configuration parameters?
We need to export all parameters so that you can do a quick compare between Dev , QA and Production system settings. We will use HANA SYSTEM view M_INIFILE_CONTENTS to list down and export all HANA parameters.

HANA Administration Tasks
This document lists the HANA system administration tasks. Activity scope varies with organization's ITIL requirements. HANA administration tasks are not limited to these activities.

How to check HANA user's last login time and invalid connect attempts made?
You want to know when an user last logged in to HANA system , or want to check any unsuccessful connection attempts made with particular user, especially in case of users used for communication.

How to create schema and assign authorization?
You want to create a schema in SAP HANA system and also want to assign authorization related to this schema.

How to Start and Stop HANA Database Service?
We will show how to restart/stop the individual SAP HANA database services (eg nameserver, indexserver, xsengine, etc).

Where are HANA's log and trace files at OS level?
Diagnosis files include log and trace files, as well as a other diagnosis/information files.We can access these files at OS level and in HANA studio.

How to backup HANA system using HANA Studio?
You want to perform manual on-demand HANA database backup.This document will outline the authorization required and step by step process.

How to schedule HANA Backup using ABAP DBACOCKPIT?
You want to backup Multitenant HANA database backup(MDC) scheduled using SAP ABAP DBACOCKPIT. Steps listed in this wiki will be similar for non MDC single db standard HANA system..

List all privileges granted to user
A privilege can be assigned to user directly or indirectly(via roles) ,sometimes this makes difficult to analyze users authorization.We will use EFFECTIVE_PRIVILEGES view to list users privilege. 

HANA Monitoring dashboard
Bird's-eye view of HANA system's health and functioning. This dashboard visualizes key HANA Metrics of SAP HANA system.

How to list down tables marked for Pre-loading?
We wanted to know what all column tables are marked for pre-loading after HANA restart. This information is vital for performance matrix.

How to configuring HANA tables for pre-load?
HANA systems allows us to mark column store tables for pre-loading. Tables marked for pre-loading will be loaded into memory after index server restart. Tables can be selected for fully or partially loading.

How to limit query from consuming all HANA memory?
By default there is no limit on the memory an expensive query can consume, there are certain configuration you can do to limit the memory consumed by every query,read more...

How to capture SQL trace in SAP HANA?
SQL trace collects information about all SQL executed by HANA Index server. It also captures any error occurred while execution, information about the database connection used and processing time information.

Open HANA studio in Diagnosis mode.
If SAP HANA System is down or cannot be reached by SQL connection , the administrative perspective can be opened in Diagnosis mode for troubleshooting.

How to check SAP HANA XS engine status?
SAP HANA is a database as well as an application platform. It has an inbuilt webserver called XS engine. HANA serves native UI5 developed applications using XS engine.

How to connect SAP HANA System using Widows batch scripts and HDBSQL?
We can connect to SAP HANA System using windows batch scripts and HANA client HDBSQL.SAP HANA HDBSQL client plus Windows batch functionality can be used to automate the HANA tasks, like triggering backup or any custom stored procedure/SQL script.

How to list users who have privileges to access specific schema?
We want to know who all have access to particular schema. SAP provides a system view GRANTED_PRIVILEGES which stores this information.

How to list all SAP HANA users with their lock status?
We want to list down all users created in SAP HANA system and we also want to know all users locked/Unlocked in the system.

How to create user defined SQL statement for System Monitoring?
SAP HANA studio allows you to store the custom SQL statements for System monitoring. For example for daily monitoring you need to know all users who are locked in the system. Instead of executing the SQL in console, you can create a custom entry in System information page tab and execute it with single click.

How to load data into SAP HANA from flat file?
We want to load data into HANA system from excel or text file. This is the quickest manual way to load data into HANA system.

How to install HANA client on Windows?
SAP HANA client is required if you want to interface application with SAP HANA. SAP HANA client can be installed on Unix/Linux and on Windows systems.

How to install SAP HANA System?
We have divided the installation topic in following sub articles.

SAP HANA license.
SAP HANA license are of two types - Temporary and Permanent. Permanent license are either enforced or unenforced.Read more..

SAP HANA startup sequence.
Sapstartrv is the core process responsible for starting SAP NetWeaver system and SAP HANA system is no exception to this flow.

Installing SAP HANA in batch mode.
We want to install SAP HANA in batch mode. Batch mode is very time efficient when installing scaled out SAP HANA, it reduces the efforts required in interactive mode.

HANA backup size/space estimation
We are planning HANA backup strategy and we need estimate of disk requirement. We can use HANA standard view M_CONVERTER_STATISTICS to estimate the backup requirement.

SAP ABAP – HANA connectivity using secondary database connection
We want to connect secondary HANA database system from SAP ABAP system. This is the most common client requirement, where they want to connect a SAP ABAP system with HANA to accelerate business process execution.

Accessing SAP HANA content from MS Excel.
We want to connect HANA database system from Microsoft Excel using HANA ODBC client. This is one of the most common client requirement, where they want to access HANA data from Excel and generate basic reports.

How to check SAP HANA Hardware Key at OS level?
We want to know the HARDWARE Key of our HANA system. Hardware key is mandatory to request license key from SAP Marketplace.

How to configure HANA log/trace file rotation?
Trace/log files rotation prevents log files from growing indefinitely by limiting the number and size of files.We can configure the log file rotation specific to one service or for the all services together.

How to configure HTTP trace for SAP HANA?
To troubleshoot Web/XS engine related issues we need HTTP log tracing , these logs basically captures information like the client IP , USER NAME , HTTP response code , response time , data size etc.Here we will put http trace on HANA Indexserver.

How to connect to SAP HANA system using hdbuserstore from any HANA client?
SAP has created a tool to maintain secure store at HANA client. This secure store tool is used to connect SAP HANA server from any HANA client. The tool used for maintaining secure store is called - hdbuserstore.

How to schedule HANA Query using HDBSQL and HDBUSERSTORE?
We can use HDBSQL to automate mundane tasks and write scripts to run them at certain frequency. We will try to schedule a SQL script using HDBSQL and send the output by email in csv/excel file format.

How to solve the parameters mismatch alert on HANA Primary and Secondary replication site?
If you have HANA system replication enabled , then SAP HANA automatically checks for the parameter consistency between primary and secondary sites. If the parameter do not match between two system then HANA will generate an alert ID:79

How to reset System user password of systemDB ?
You want to reset system user for systemDB for a MDC system.You can reset it using the operation system administrator by running name server in emergency mode.