How to reset HANA SYSTEM User password of SYSTEMDB

Requirement: You want to reset SYSTEM user password of systemDB.

Prerequisites : You need password of OS user <SID>ADM. 

Steps :

  • Login to your HANA host using <SID>adm user. If you do not have password of <SID>adm user then you can use root like user to reset <SID>adm password at OS level.
  • Stop the HANA database by using command "HDB stop" OR "sapcontrol -nr <instanceNumber> -function StopSystem HDB"
  • Now we will run following commands to set the environment variables.
    • /usr/sap/<SID>/HDB<INSTANCE>/
  • Now we will start hub name server with option to reset SYSTEM user password of SystemDB.
    • /usr/sap/<SID>/HDB<INSTANCE>/exe/hdbnameserver -reserUserSystem
Now the name server will be started , it will prompt you to enter password and stop the name server.

  • Now the password is set , you can start the HANA system with following command.

          "HDB start" OR "sapcontrol -nr <instanceNumber> -function StartSystem HDB"

  • you can monitor the HANA start progress with command.

          "sapcontrol -nr <instanceNumber> -function GetProcessList"