Data Provisioning For SAP HANA - Introduction and Configuration

Data provisioning is the process of loading data into SAP HANA. Depending on the requirement scenario, the loading can be done once or on regular basis(real time or scheduled). 

Data Provisioning  Methods

Following methods are available to load data to SAP HANA .

Data Replication Method : This is the process of transferring content from Source system to HANA on real time basis. A 1:1 mapping is maintained between source and target HANA tables. The focus of this method is on real-time or near real time data provisioning. This method has limited transformation options available. 
Two options are available under  this method
Data replication using SAP Sybase Replication Server.

Data Extraction Method : This method focus on batch mode of data transfer. The focus is on asynchronous extraction and transformation capabilities. 
Following options are available under this method.
Data Extraction using ETL tool like SAP Business Object Data Services(BODS)
Data Extraction using SAP Direct Extractor Connection (DXC)

Apart from above listed Data Provisioning methods, we can also use Manual Flat File update method to load data into SAP HANA. Please refer following link for step-by-step detail of this method.

DATA Provisioning Method Summary. 
FlatFile Upload
Sybase Replication
Use Case
Prototyping and Testing
Productive Usage
Productive Usage
Productive Usage
Productive Usage
Extraction and Transformation
Re-usability of SAP Content
Transformation Capabilities
Default(1:1), conditional filtering and little transformation possible
Full range - support complex transformations
Limited to function defined within function module of SAP Data Source