How to check SAP HANA Hardware Key at OS level?

Requirement: We want to know the HARDWARE Key of our HANA system. Hardware key is mandatory to request license key from SAP Marketplace.

  • Database User: We need an HANA DB user with LICENSE ADMIN or CATALOG READ or DATA ADMIN assigned.
  • SID<ADM> credentials: To log into SAP HANA OS level we need sid<adm> credentials.

Logon to HANA host with <SID>adm user.
Once we are logged in as <SID>adm, we can directly execute the hdbsql command ,or we can go to following path and execute the hdbsql command.  
         cd /hana/shared/<SID>/hdbclient 

HDBSQL Command : 
hdbsql  -n localhost -i 00 -u HANADbUser -p yourUserPassword

Please note: In our case the system number is 00 , update the instance number accordingly.
Now execute following SQL command to get the HARDWARE key.

SQL Command: "SELECT * from M_LICENSE" ;

Output :

Highlighted in green is the Hardware key.