How to disable password reset for technical users ?

As per HANA system documentation, there are no difference between database user or technical user. All users are subjected to same password policy. By default users are forced to change password every 182 days(maximum_password_lifetime).

If you are using any HANA user as communication user , for example to connect BODS to HANA or connecting and third party application using HANA, you should exempt those user from this password reset policy.

Requirement : Disable default password reset for HANA technical users.

Prerequisite : You need system privilege USER ADMIN assigned to your ID.

Steps :
  • Connect to HANA system and open SQL console in HANA studio or via hdbsql at OS level.
  • Execute following SQL

This command will disable the password of specified technical user for lifetime. Now this technical user is not subjected to password change after number of days specified as per "maximum_password_lifetime". You can view/change this password policy parameters at

Administration perspective > Configuration > indexserver.ini > Password policy.
SAP HANA Password Policy parameters

Reference :