How to install HANA client on Windows?

SAP HANA client is required if you want to interface application with SAP HANA. SAP HANA client can be installed on Unix/Linux and on Windows systems.

Requirement: You want to download and install HANA client.
Prerequisite: You need access to SAP Marketplace and administration authorization to install the client.

Below process is demonstrated for Microsoft Windows.

Download the client - Go to SAP Software component download site :
Select 'Support Packages and patches' from left menu.

Now follow the path highlighted in below screenshot and download the latest client media file(highlighted).
SAP HANA Client download SAP Marketplace
Once the file is downloaded, we need to extract it. This file has extension .SAR(SAP Archive), to extract it we need SAPCAR utility.
If SAPCAR is not downloaded, just search for SAPCAR on SAP service marketplace portal( and execute following command to extract any .SAR file.

SAPCAR.exe -xvf AnyArchiveFile.SAR
SAPCAR -xvf AnyArchiveFile.SAR

Once you have extracted it , double click hdbsetup.exe to run the installer. This will launch the following installation wizard.

We already have client downloaded with our HANA installation DVD(Revision 82) , we will install that.
SAP HANA Client Install 1
SAP HANA Client Install 3
SAP HANA Client Install 4
Once the installation is finished,go to the installation location,in my case its : C:\Program Files\sap\hdbclient and verify following files. We need to refer this location to call any client library/tool.
SAP HANA client files
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