Installing SAP HANA in batch mode

Requirement : We want to install SAP HANA in batch mode. Batch mode is very time efficient when installing scaled out SAP HANA, it reduces the efforts required in interactive mode.

Prerequisites : You need OS level root access to install the system and installation media from SAP service marketplace.

Login as root and go-to the downloaded installation media directory. 
Visit following link to learn more about downloading media from SAP Service marketplace.

Execute following command to create the batch configuration file from template.
./hdblcm --dump_configfile_template=/tmp/configfile --action=install
Creating SAP HANA installation batch configuration file from template.
Above command will generate the configuration file from template. 
Edit the template file with all parameters like SID , installation path , passwords etc. PFB the sample configuration file.
SAP HANA batch install configuration file.
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Passwords can be updated as per following example in this configuration file.

# Root User Password
# SAP Host Agent (sapadm) Password
# System Administrator Password
# Database User (SYSTEM) Password

Once the configuration file is ready, execute following command.
./hdblcm --action=install --configfile=/tmp/configfile .cfg -b 

SAP HANA install in batch mode using configuration file.
Once the installation is finished , you can sudo with <SID>adm and execute 'HDB info' to verify the install.

su - devadm

HDB info
SAP HANA installation in Batch mode