SAP HANA Data Provisioning using SLT Server

Data provisioning from source ABAP ECC system to SAP HANA system using SAP Solution Manager.

Requirement :  We want to perform data provisioning from our source ABAP system to SAP HANA System.

Scenario: We have following scenario :
Source System : ABAP - K68
SLT Server : ABAP - B30 , it is a Solution Manager system.
Target System : SAP HANA (hostname : hanahost)
Prerequisite :
1. Install DMIS add-on on SLT server and Source system.
We need to install DMIS add-on on the source and SLT server. We have installed following component using SAINT on ABAP stack. More information about SLT Add-on can be found on SAP Note# 1465272.

Even though SAP Note says we need to install both DMIS and SHC_CONT add-on , but it was not mandatory to install SHC_CONT add-on in our scenario , But we still went ahead and installed SHC_CONT on our Solman System (SLT Server).  We did not installed SHC_CONT on Source ABAP system(K68).
2. Create RFC connection to Source SAP system from SLT Server. 
We need to create RFC connection in SLT Server system(B30) to fetch data from Source ABAP system.We created K68CLNT100 in B30. Make sure the user specified in B30 has required SLT specific privileges in source ABAP system. For more information refer SAP Note 1972009.

SLT Configuration
SAP guide suggest to use LTR transaction to setup SLT on SLT Server(Solman System) , but we were getting following "Service Cannot be reached" error. 
We tried all available solutions , like activating all SLT specific services , but no luck.

There is another transaction LTRC, which can also be used to perform SLT configuration as LTR. LTRC is ABAP based transaction.
For our scenario LTRC will work similar to LTR transaction.

Step 1: Execute LTRC and press create button(shown below).
Step 2: Provide a name for the configuration.
Please note : A schema with the same name will be created in HANA system, in our case we should see a schema name as "Test".
Step 3: Fill in the source system RFC detail as shown below.
Step 4: Fill in the HANA connection details(shown below).
Step 5: Specify the number of jobs for data replication . For more information on the SLT sizing and number of jobs refer SAP Note 1972009.
Step 6 : Review and press Create.
Now it will create a SLT configuration for you.
Please note : Only one configuration per source and target system combination can be crated on SLT server.

Now we will go to HANA system to check the status and specify the tables that we want to replicate.

Connect to HANA studio and verify the schema presence. We should see a schema in HANA with the name of "Test" and by default it will have SAP ABAP data dictionary tables created.
Now we will configure the tables that we went to fetch from Source system , for that go to "SAP HANA Modeler" prospective and from Quick view click "Data Provisioning".
This will launch Data Provisioning UI in HANA studio and by default you will see three ABAP data dictionary related tables (DD*) in replication status. 
Now press the "Replicate" button and we will select a sample table(TBTCO , AGR*) to replicate. 
Once we select the table , it will start replicating. 
Reference :
SAP Note 1465272 - SAP Landscape Transformation Software - Central note
SAP Note 1972009 - How to create an SLT Configuration Step-by-Step