SAP HANA startup sequence

Sapstartrv is the core process responsible for starting SAP NetWeaver system and  SAP HANA system is no exception to this flow.

HANA system start-up process flow:
SAP HANA Start-up sequence

During linux startup(OS boot) , by default it starts the process listed under /etc/init.d , our sapstartsrv is part of this process.

Once the sapstartsrtv is running , it can take command to start or stop the HANA system. Sapstartsrv can also be used to read log or trace files. SAP HANA studio uses both sapstartsrv and SQL connection to determine the system status.

When we open the diagnosis mode in SAP HANA studio, it connects with sapstartsrv to fetch the log files. Read more about diagnosis mode at HANA studio in Diagnosis mode.

Sapstartsrv trigger the startup of HANA daemon process ,this is the process responsible for starting all HANA core process. HANA daemon starts all the process defined in HDBdaemon.ini.
HANA core process includes all process that are visible in HANA studio, the status of these files are also written in hdbdaemon.status.
The log file for daemon process in  daemon_<hostname>_<port>_<>number ,look for this file on master node.

The HDB daemon process is also responsible for keeping the core process running. The daemon process will restart the core process if in case they gets killed.

HANA core process:
SAP HANA core process