How to check SAP HANA XS engine status?

SAP HANA is a database as well as an application platform. It has an inbuilt webserver called XS engine. HANA serves native UI5 developed applications using XS engine.

XS engine can also be used for job scheduling. It is important for HANA to have XS engine up and running if it's used for serving native application and jobs scheduling.

Requirement: We want to check status of HANA XS engine.
Prerequisite: You need to know HANA hostname and instance number. There is no database user required to check the status.

Open this URL in the browser:  http://<hana_hostname>:80<nn>
Where <nn> is HANA instance number , in our example the hostname is 'webserver' and instance number is 00. Our URL is http://webserver:8000/
SAP HANA XS Engine status

If above URL is not responding then check following :
Prerequisite: For following troubleshooting you need HANA database user with CATALOG READ or DATA ADMIN and TRACE ADMIN system privilege

Check HANA XS engine service status
  • Connect to the required system via HANA Studio
  • Open Administration perspective,  You can open it from Window > Open > Perspective > Administration Console
  • Go to Landscape > Services and check the status of xsengine service.  If you have multiple node then look for xsengine service status for each node.
SAP HANA XSEngine Service status

Check Firewall configuration
If the service status is green but still http://<hana_hostname>:80<nn> is not responding then check for firewall configuration of HANA appliance/host.

Analyze log files
If the xsengine service status is not green then look for xsengine_<hostname>.<port>.nnn.trc file in the "Diagnosis Files" page tab in Administrative perspective for further troubleshooting.