Start and Stop HANA Database Service.

Requirement: You want to restart/stop the individual SAP HANA database services (eg nameserver, indexserver, xsengine, etc).

You have the system privilege SERVICE ADMIN OR DATA ADMIN assigned to your HANA Database user.

Why you will need to restart the service?
Few parameter or configuration changes needs an restart of Service to take effect. Or in case if services are not responding then you may need to restart it. In case of fail-over sometime the services do not start itself then a manual effort is required.

Steps to restart a service
  • Connect to the required system via HANA Studio
  • Open Administration perspective,  You can open it from Window -> Open -> Perspective -> Administration Console
  • In Administration perspective , go to Landscape tab > Services sub tab.
  • Select the service needs to be Stopped(restarted) , right click and from context menu choose - Stop/Kill.

Restart HANA services
  • You will be prompted to confirm the action and the system will stop the service.
HANA service stop confirmation

  •  Once the service is stopped , it will automatically restarted by HANA.

As part of SAP HANA High Availability feature, HANA has automatic service restart functionality. SAP HANA service auto-restart function automatically detects the failure and restarts the stopped service process.

You have following option in service context menu:
The service is stopped normally and then typically restarted.
The service is stopped immediately and then typically restarted.
Reconfigure Service...
The service is reconfigured. This means that any changes made to parameters in the system's configuration files are applied.
Start Missing Services...
Any inactive services are started.

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