How to create user defined SQL statement for System Monitoring?

SAP HANA studio allows you to store the custom SQL statements for System monitoring. For example, for daily monitoring you need to know all users who are locked in the system. Instead of executing the SQL in console, you can create a custom entry in System information page tab and execute it with single click.

Requirement: We want to create a custom SQL in 'System Information' page tab.
Prerequisite: We need database user with CATALOG READ or DATA ADMIN assigned.
  • Connect to the required system via HANA Studio
  • Open Administration perspective,  You can open it from Window > Open > Perspective > Administration Console
  • In Administration perspective ,open the "System Information" page tab and select 'New SQL Statement' from context menu.
SAP HANA User defined custom system monitoring statement
Provide the name and description for your query. In our case we want to know the locked users so we are entering
You can enter any query of your choice.
User defined custom SQL statement SAP HANA
Press OK and you will see your query listed in the "System Information page tab".
SAP HANA System Information page tab
Now press SAVE to save this custom SQL. Now this Custom SQL will be available for all the system added in HANA studio.