Download HANA installation media

 This is the second part of our three part series of  SAP HANA installation tutorial.

Downloading the required media and preparing the system.
Now the fun part begins, in this document we will make sure all the prerequisites are met before we start the HANA installation.

Download SAP HANA Media:
Go to SAP Software component download site :
Select 'Installation and Upgrades' from left menu.
Now follow the path highlighted in below screenshot and download the latest client media file(highlighted).
SAP HANA Installation Media path

SAP HANA Installation media

 Extract the media and  copy it on the server.

Preparing system for SAP HANA installation :

Choosing hostname :
There are restrictions that apply to host names in SAP systems, see "SAP Note 611361 - Hostnames of SAP servers". Basic rule as per this note : 
Maximum length of the hostname: up to 13 characters for SAP rel. 4.6 or higher

In our case the hostname is "webserver".
Prepare the required file system :
We need following mandatory file system to install SAP HANA.
SAP HANA file system

Before you go ahead and create the mandatory file system,make sure you have enough space/storage allocated. Since we are making a sandbox system for educational purpose , I have chosen following low configuration .

RAM : 30 GB (Minimum is 24 GB , otherwise the installer will throw error)
Persistence storage(SSD) : 65 GB total.
20 GB for root
15 GB for the installation media(DVD).
20 GB for Data
10 GB for Log.

SAP recommends : 
Data Storage : 4 times Memory
Log Storage : Equal of Memory.

Let's say your system requirement is 1 TB of RAM then you will need at least 4TB for data and 1 TB for Log. The space requirement for root partition, backup space and shared HANA file system(/hana/shared) is additional.
Install JAVA  :
To install SAP HANA we need JAVA 64 bit, one can install Java 1.6/1.7 or 1.8.

We are installing JAVA as recommended in following URL.
Installing Java on Linux for SAP HANA installtion
Make sure you have JAVA added to environment variables.
SAP HANA Java version and path

Open required ports :
Open following ports on your system: